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Dodge Ram Bed Liner

Dodge Ram Truck Bed Liner


The 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 ranks 1 out of 8 Full Size Pickup Trucks.  This ranking is based on our analysis of 31 published reviews and test drives of the Dodge Ram 1500, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.  The Dodge Ram is a serious truck for a serious pick up truck owner.  Likewise the Dual Liner bed liner has been made to fit the Dodge Ram perfectly.  What Dual Liner does is, first they take the dimensions of the Rams box and make an exact replica mold.  This mold shares the same size and  shape of each section of the bed. Polyethylene panels are heated up then shaped by the molds to the precise spec’s.  Once they are the “perfect” shape they are cooled so they keep the shape of the mold.Each panel “Snaps” into place in the trucks box and located near the bottom of each panels is a channel that the Zero Skid rubber floor tucks into.  This prevents the Zero Skid mat from shifting or moving around in the trucks bed.  Dual liners advance truck bed liner system not only provides more protection than anything out there it also does it with out harming the truck or the trucks finish in a negative way.


2011 Dodge Ram

The 2011 Dodge Ram 1500’s smooth, car-like ride, well-designed and comfortable interior and powerful V8 engines make it a top pick in its class.When Dodge’s designers updated the Ram 1500 for 2011, they managed to make improvements to an already-impressive truck.   The result is a full-size pickup truck that many in the auto press say is the best in its class.

Reviewers love the Dodge Ram’s ride, handling, power, and interior, even on less expensive trim levels.  The Ram 1500 offers many convenient cargo solutions, such as storage cubbies underneath the rear seats on Crew Cab models.   Other models offer the RamBox, lockable storage containers built into the truck bed above the wheel housings.   Many say the backseat is roomy, and the cabin offers high-tech features like a Wi-fi hotspot and a hard drive for music storage built into the dashboard.  Edmunds says, “The Ram 1500’s interior is as good as it gets in the pickup segment.”

Although the Ram does many things right, reviewers do find fault with its underpowered standard V6 engine.   Also, Dodge’s reputation for spotty reliability causes some reviewers to withhold an all-out best-in-class recommendation.  However, if you value excellent interior comfort, quality features, good towing performance, a great ride and macho styling, the 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 may be right for you.   Also if you are looking to protect your investment then the Dual Liner is the best bed liner for you. It is easy to see why the Dual Liner can claim to be “The Only Bed Liner That Works!” Click here to learn more about the best truck bed liner for your Dodge Ram.

“The Best Truck Bed Liner For Your Dodge Ram”

The Silverado Bed Liner That Fits Like A Glove!

Silverado Truck Bed Liner.

The Chevy Silverado may not have the aggressive styling of some other pickups, but its upright design may be considered appealing to its faithful customers, and they buy hundreds of thousands of Silverados each year. We think it’s quite attractive. We also think that the 5 piece custom fit truck bed liner by Dual Liner adds a wonderfully finished off look to the bed of the truck. The Dual Liner is designed to follow the exact contour of the trucks sheet metal. Because of this the Dual Liner is able to offer more dent protection than any other bed liner with out the risk of harming the trucks finish. For more information on “The Only Truck Bed Liner That Works” click the link.

2011 Chevy Silverado

A raked windshield (angled at 57 degrees) and careful aerodynamic and body-building engineering make the truck quiet on the inside and contribute to fuel efficiency. GM boasts that the Silverado and GMC Sierra are the first full-size trucks to offer both 300 horsepower and EPA highway ratings of 20 miles per gallon or better.

The large, gold Chevy bowtie badge is set against a wide, three-bar chrome grille. The grille is flanked by stacked headlights sporting the latest reflector optics. The front bumper incorporates rectangular fog lights.

The hood has a wide power dome. Bulging front fenders wrap over the front wheels and incorporate the headlights within their forward sweep. Likewise, the rear quarter panels are punctuated by large fared wheel wells.

The rear view of the truck features stacked tail lights on either side of a tall tailgate that has a sculpted center section that mimics and inverts the shape of the fender flares.

Built on what General Motors calls its GMT900 platform, the Silverado shares much of its underpinnings with the Tahoe SUV, though the pickup gets a unique rear suspension and a frame section 245-percent stiffer than that of the SUV. The current Silverado chassis is far more rigid than that of the previous generation, which allowed the engineers to reduce the gaps between the truck bed and passenger compartment and between fenders and bumpers. This stiffer frame also allows suspension components to be designed for improved ride and handling characteristics as well as allowing enhanced aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

The front suspension uses coil-over shock absorbers and the rack-and-pinion steering gear is mounted to the engine cross-member to provide enhanced control and feedback. The Silverado benefits from a rear axle design featuring shock absorbers mounted outboard and more upright for better dynamic control than that of the previous-generation models. The Dual Liner also uses a Zero Skid bed mat that will not allow your cargo to slide around. This Zero skid bed mat is one of the thickest on the market and is designed with hundreds of cleats on the underside to keep it from laying flat on the trucks finish. Since the bed mat is so thick it also provides excellent dent protection, with out causing any harm to the truck what so ever. That is how Dual Liner is able to claim that they are “The Only Truck Bed Liner That Works!”

A New Type Of Truck Bed Liner For A New Type Of Truck!

The Best Truck Bed Liner For The Ford Raptor!

High-performance pickups aren’t a new idea, likewise truck bed liners are not a new idea either. Ford’s Special Vehicle Team – the gearheads Ford puts in charge of engineering faster, more-serious variants of conventional vehicles – previously made a couple of generations of hot-rodded F-150s called the Lightning. But the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor is different from the Lightning (and the past high-performance pickups of competitors Chrysler and GM), in one important way – those trucks were all designed to go fast on the street. Ford engineered the Raptor specifically to haul butt off-road, and Dual Liner specifically engineered a new type of bed liner to protect your new truck better than anything ever offered in the bed liner market place ever before.

Ford Raptor Bed LinerYou sort of get the message the instant you see the Raptor head-on. Crouched high over its giant-treaded tires, it’s obvious the Raptor’s suspension has been designed to absorb massive blows. If you’ve seen footage of those barely-in-control pickups banging through a Baja desert race, then you’ve seen the Raptor’s inspiration.

Dual Liners main purpose was to use every advancement in manufacturing technology to produce the ultimate bed liner. The Dual Liner truck bed liner system is made of 5 individual interlocking pieces. The sidewalls, load guard, and tailgate are made of one of the strongest materials available, polypropylene. Each panel is molded to fit the exact contour of your trucks box, this eliminates any potential of chaffing or wearing of the trucks finish. These exact fit panels have a channel engineered into them to hold the thick Zero Skid bed mat in place. The underside of the mat has hundreds of soft rubber cleats which keep it up off from the trucks sheet metal, allowing water drain out of the factory designed drain holes.

The Raptor’s price is $46,020 which is why it makes perfect sense to protect the bed with a bed liner for a fraction of the cost (under 400.00). One of the largest contributing factors that determines a trucks resale value is based on overall condition. If the trucks bed is in poor or rough shape from hauling damaging cargo in the trucks bed you will notice that the overall value is effected immensely, which makes a less than $400.00 investment look very appealing.

Dual Liner Bed Liner photo in the Ford Raptor.

The Dual Liner Installed In The Ford Raptor!

Everybody driving a pickup instantly knows the Raptor, but even uninitiated civilians stare, transfixed by the arrogantly sized “FORD” chiseled into the Raptor’s grille and the audacious width of this truck, 7 inches wider than an everyday F-150. If that somehow fails to draw attention, the $495-extra Molten Orange paint job and $1,075 worth of extra graphics will. The basically all-new front suspension and Fox Racing Shox shock absorbers are what deliver the Raptor’s incredible amount of suspension travel, meaning you can drive over some of the most awful stuff – on-road and off-road. Our most dreaded road pothole (the one that could swallow a compact car in two bites), well the Raptor’s suspension soaked it up without so much as twitching the steering wheel.

My recommendation to all truck owners is to get “The Only Truck Bed Liner That Works!!”